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Tom Watson – The Golf Spine Angle is Key!

Any article on the golf swing, golf instruction, how to golf for beginners, or on any golf lesson topic should include a discussion about the importance of the spine angle to the golf swing and spine angle control. Tom Watson is not only one of the most famous golfers, but is one of the all time best golfers almost winning the British Open at nearly age 60! Any check on live golf scores will show that he is still among the best. Listen to what he has to say about the importance of maintaining spine angle in the golf swing. Tom Watson also gives insight into the proper shoulder turn in golf swing in this spine angle informational and instructional video:


Other Golf Fundamentals
Another golf instruction video that shows key elements of the golf swing in easy to understand golf lessons is presented here. Whether you own top of the line clubs or have just bought a discount putter, this video will help you get the most out of them. It’s like going to a golf pro school without leaving your living room. In this golf for beginners video, all time great golfer Johnny Miller comments on key fundamentals of the golf swing:


Rotation on a Fixed Axis
Hank Haney is another famous golf instructor. Hank is famous for helping famous people with their golf swing. He coaches people helping them to improve their golf swing as well as other aspects of golf. Hank provides the golfer with helpful information about rotating the swing around a fixed axis:



Spine Angle Ilustrated
This video illustrates the golf spine angle. Golf Instructor Chuck Mayhew provides tips for understanding what spine angle is and how you can apply it to your golf swing:

SwingFix instructor Chuck Mayhew comments on spine angle in the golf swing:
“If you listen to swing analyses during televised golf tournaments, you’ll hear the analysts go on and on about spine angle.
There’s a good reason for this, as maintaining spine angle leads to proper rotation, proper swing plane, proper angle of descent into the ball, and proper release. In other words, start wrong, and you’ll end wrong.”
This video will help you ensure that your spine angle is correct. Chuck Mayhew is a SwingFix instructor from the Westerville Golf Center in Columbus, Ohio. He demonstrates a drill for getting the feeling of a correct swing and release after impact.
Because this drill is hard on the back, those with back issues may want to go easy or just ignore this drill.


Spine Angle(s) Explained
Spine Angle is the angle that is formed between the golfer’s spinal column and the ground when the golfer addresses the ball.
Actually, there are two angles. The first angle is the one formed between the golfer’s spine and the ground when the golfer bends forward to position the golf club behind the golf ball.
The second angle is the one formed between the spine and the ground when the golfer tilts to the right (for a right handed golfer) to accommodate positioning the right hand on the golf club below the left hand. These angles must be maintained during the swing up until the golf club makes contact with the ball.
Shawn Clement is the Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre. Mr. Clement is listed as being one of the top 25 CPGA Teaching Professionals as rated by Score Golf Magazine. This video shows what spine angle is and how maintaining your proper golf spine angle will help keep you from overswinging:

If you want to combine your love of golf and race cars, watch this video:





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